Vivid Travel

Vivid Travel is a start-up spawned from the successes of a team coming from a number of industry leaders in the Travel & Tourism space. A project that grew from an optimising, code refactoring and performance piece to a revisit of UX and UI enhancements and feature additions. The presentation of new UI designs and recommendations were put in front of the business and subsequently taken forward adding new functionality and changes that enhanced the user journey, addressed accessibility and best practises.

European Tour Properties

Whilst at the European Tour a side project amongst the day to day was to replace a dated portfolio site for this premier golf and real estate brand. The objective of this build was to showcase the world class golfing venues in one place, promoting hospitality and luxury real estate opportunities globally.

AA Careers

This build was a completely new site to replace a dated instance with an overhauled site map, journey and subtle animations whilst maintaining a professional appearance.

The AA Careers site was the winner of 3 industry awards for Best Major Employer (National Online Recruitment Awards 2017),  Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment (OnRec Awards 2018) and Best Supplier Partnership (FIRM Awards 2018).

Heathrow Careers

This build challenged what is commonly expected of the airport holdings giant, by being fresh and bold whilst maintaining a clean look at every responsive breakpoint. From responsive iframes to subtle SVG backgrounds the key was understated yet feature full, easily navigable and clean.


This was a very different approach for a Financial forerunner; having large solid elements, colours and being built in a modular fashion to allow self contained elements to be dropped onto any page, which in turn enabled the client to build a complete new dynamic section in no time at all.

Beazley Careers

With a strong stance on brand consistency and a digital style guide already in place this build had to stick quite closely to the aforementioned whilst creating a site that was still unique as a stand alone careers site.

NHS Graduates

This CMS Site was built to replace a dated iteration, with accessibility a must whilst maintaining and incorporating interactivity. This features a dynamic History page, Ajax page loading, Match Me tool and Social hub.

Rentalcars Careers

So how about a homepage, that scrolls up and down, and animates as you scroll down, why not also let it scrolls left and right too, has beautiful illustrated imagery, that jumps and wiggles so it doest all seem flat… and has a parallax scrolling background! Enter Rentalcars Careers website.

This site was a Rad Awards 2015 Winner of Best Graduate Website.

Emerging Talent Careers

A Careers website built for Lloyds Bank as the end client, repurposing a legacy build with ample challenges. We all know fixed height elements in development are a nightmare but add to that IE8 support and the standard requirement of being a responsive site, then you have a task on your hands! We all like a challenge!

Discover What Matters

A careers specific satellite site targeted towards graduates built for Lloyds Bank as the end client. This intelligent site learnt from site visitors on-site browsing behaviour in order to feed them relevant career content on subsequent journeys. The use of Personas and matching them with the user made for a better and customised browsing experience.

This site was a Rad Awards 2016 Winner of Best Graduate Website.